GestLib was a OpenCV based implementation of hand tracking with pose recognition.We tested with a total of 4 poses.

To test the GestLib we also made a game called GestBall, where certain poses like 1-Finger,2-Finger triggered certain actions on the player character which was a bouncing ball. Rendering was done using a spriterenderer on the DirectX API.

Protoype 1 : Break-out game using GestLib. The player had to use his hand as a paddle. GestLib

Protoype 2 : GestBall

GestBall used the following gestures to control the ball.
* 1-Finger pose made the ball jump.
* Closed hand pose made the ball move.
* Open hand pose made the ball stop.

The player had to use the gestures to evade the shrapenel. GestLib GestLib GestLib