Playstation Blacklight

PlayStation BlackLight was a student project at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center during the Fall semester of 2012. I was part of the 7 member team who were tasked with creating 4 prototypes for the Vita/PC platforms. The prototypes we created were :

Pillow And Girl

This prototype was done on the Playstation Vita using the Playstation mobile library. It tells the story of a girl dreaming and her pillow is her savior/guide in the dream sequence.

Thief And Cop

This prototype was also on the Vita. It was a two player game, in which players take turns as a thief and a cop. The objective of the thief was to steal as many items as possible from the level. While the cop would try to stop the thief from stealing by identifying the stolen objects

All You Can Buy

This prototype was on the Vita. It was a quick tap game where the player had to buy as much stuff as possible before the time runs out. He had special powers also like extending time or slowing time. This was an exploration of the free to play model. We had an ingame currency and that could be used to purchase extra powers, or more money to spend.

Forever Creative

This prototype was on done using Unity for PC. We were given a music sequence and asked to create an interactive music video from it. The story is set in a post apocalyptic world where one man survived.He finds out that he is not alone and that there was another being giving hope for him to live.